8. Etnies team in Stockholm (In english)


The Etnies team visited Stockholm for the premier of Etnies new skateboardvideo called Album

a different episode in english this time. And what a episode! We sat down with the Etnies team that consisted of Chris Joslin, Barney Page, Aidan Campbell, Trevor McClung, Jameson DeCew (Team manager) and Ryan Sherman (Filmer).

We had to split up the session in two groups.

AND!!! We got a special guest who suprised both us and the Etnies crew: Ali Boulala! Who just popped out from nowhere and sat down with us to interview the second half of the group.

Since we usually interview one person per time, this got little bit messed up with having three persons interviewed this time and affected the sound little bit. But it all worth it to hear them all talking about:

- How Tae kwon do helped Chris Joslin in skateboarding.

- Whats the best filmer shoe?

- Who have done a benihana?

- Will they have benihanas in the olympis?

- How was it to film for the Etnies Album.

- What swedish rider do they know about?

- What countries did they visit?

- Who was the swedish rider in Etnies High five?

+ Many more things


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